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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

You can also download the deprecated objective-c version. This version is no longer supported, but can run on Get a notification when any of your scheduled messages are sent. Share your themes with other users on Telegram across platforms. Update your theme for all its users when you change something. Choose who can find you on Telegram when they add your number to their phone contacts. Share documents to Telegram from your favorite apps using the Share Extension. Send a single , , , , or to check out what's new in the animated emoji department. Receive animated stickers instantly on any connection at just KB per sticker.

Enjoy smooth animations at 60 frames per second. Create new animated sets and upload them to stickers for everybody to use.

Try animated stickers from the Trending tab in your sticker panel. Support for custom languages. Crowdsource a cloud-based language using our Translations platform - then apply it in real time. Pinned messages in small groups and Saved Messages. Greatly improved performance for GIF playback. Minor improvements and bug fixes. Start watching videos without waiting for them to download.

Twitter for Mac Now Available From Mac App Store

A cartload of minor improvements here and there. Swipe left on a message to reply. Minor improvements including a fix for creating a new line when typing a message. Advanced settings for badge counter in Notifications and Sounds.

Minor improvements. Drag and drop photos, media, and documents to change the order in which they will be sent. Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move between search results. Automatically switch to the dark version of the interface after dark or at scheduled times. Full support for MacBook Pro touch bar. Take that, upside down scans! New section in Shared Media for voice and video messages. Various fixes and improvements.

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Improved search menu: frequent contacts now show online status and unread badges. Improved music player: now displays album art, hover on the player to see the current playlist. Report individual messages and restrict users in supergroups.

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Replace media when editing messages. Improved previews for links with multiple attached media. Improved global search. Added the new Dark Mojave theme. A multitude of minor improvements. Redesigned recording audio and video messages. Added audio streaming support.

Added Network Usage to Settings. Added support for multiple proxies. Start typing in the new search field to quickly access your sticker sets or find new trending stickers. Also works for GIFs and emoji.

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Auto-download settings for media. Now, for whatever reason, it is a giant resource hog! It'll work fine for a while, but then after that, it'll eat up my CPU like there's no tomorrow along with the occasional crashes that still happen. Why Twitter ended up killing their official app on macOS while keeping the iOS one alive and well just makes no sense to me Just like the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Using Twitter in the macOS Notification Center

I gave it a test-drive for like 45 minutes, and I was actually really impressed by this app. One thing I really find great about this app, is that it can play videos perfectly fine, whereas when I go to Twitter on Safari, it won't play crap. So this app is great for watching videos and viewing photos.

It's also likeing when it doesn't open the same page twice in a row, like the Twitter website on Safari did.

Twitterrific 5 for Mac

I also like the custom trends based on my activity and followers, whereas on the website, you only get trends for you localized area. I think a lot people just don't like this app, because they're still upset that Twitter removed the app from the "mac app store" and not the "ios app store". And because it's devloped by Twitter itself, it's not a 3rd party app that always tries to ask for your money.

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If an update breaks this app, or any of it's features, I'll more than likely update this review, but after using today, I really enjoyed using it. Sarcasm, but at first this seemed like a nice replacement due to the fact Twitter not only removed the Twitter app from the App store, but also disabled using its service completely, which is quite stupid in my opinion.

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  6. I like the fact this app allows the character limit which the Twitter app lacked. Less bugs and it almost never quits unexpectedly, another bug the Twitter app had. Used to work earlier. This app needs to update gif capablities, because how can you go on without that feature? You should offer the ability to hide images through settings, which I no longer see the option for or the setting is elsewhere.

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