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Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks gave the veteran British blues group the pop smarts it needed to hit the charts, but the band led its charge with McVie's "Over My Head," which set the template for her role in the band's storied singer-songwriter trio as the one who wrote its best soft rockers. In spite of its very '80s production, Lindsey Buckingham's last album with the band's most famous and successful lineup contains some of its most sophisticated pop songs.

It's a typically shimmering piece of music from the band, which was splintering beyond repair at the time. As on a few other cuts on our list of the Top 10 Christine McVie Fleetwood Mac Songs, she gets ample support from Lindsey Buckingham on "Hold Me," the first single from the band's first album of the '80s.

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But McVie co-wrote it with British singer-songwriter Robbie Patton and guides it through the subtle twists and turns. The song became one of the band's biggest hits, making it to No. By the time "You Make Loving Fun" was released as Rumours ' third single, the album was well on its way to becoming one of the bestselling LPs ever.

The song celebrates McVie's affair with a member of Fleetwood Mac's tour crew, which probably thrilled her bass-playing bandmate ex. But Rumours was built on that type of friction. At least in performance, where Lindsey Buckingham shares a huge chunk of lead vocals.

Fleetwood Mac: Revisit 7 Classic Songs

But McVie wrote it, and it carriers her imprint, from the big piano-powered melody to the finely tuned and super-tuneful interplay of the verse and choruses. Motley Crue vs.

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Bass Guitar: Mick Fleetwood Guitar: Lindsey Buckingham Keyboards, Vocals: Keith Olsen Vocals: Stevie Nicks Composer, Writer: Christine McVie Composer, Writer: Stevie Nicks Auto-generated by YouTube. Live stream will be available after this brief ad from our sponsors.

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