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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

I have a MacBook Air with a gigabyte hard drive and have realized that it is fast filling up with high-resolution picture albums in the Photos app.

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How can I copy them to an external drive without messing up the Photos app? If you prefer to keep your pictures on the ground and out of the cloud, start by getting an external hard drive large enough to hold your growing image library for the foreseeable future. Simply choose a day, a theme and a soundtrack, and the app will create a rich stylized video from the best photos of the day. Photo Story saves you time by using computer vision technology to automatically pick the best photos. You can easily customize the choice of photos and share the resulting story, just like any other video.

Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects. Great app. Works very simply and well. The WhatsApp folder to include pics sent to me ; more music choices. All in all solid v1. On my Lumia it doesn't seem to work. The app opens and you can follow the steps to create the photostory, but once you're done, it just shows a black screen with a background music, and then the app crashes.

App runs fine until it gets to the part where it compiles the video together. The screen will appear all black with music playing.

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Please fix. My old review follows; this was my favorite app. New phone abd this app appear to be incompatible. Come on, Windows Phone. Stop screwing everything up.

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The app gap is made worse when your new phones can't use what few solid apps you have in the store. Used once a day for a daily vacation electronic postcard; everyone commented on how cool it was. Would love to be able to.

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Otherwise, amazing design, great options, wonderfully energetic music and killer effects. After going through all the steps it just shows a blank video never renders with the music playing. Windows 10 mobile. I love the idea however the app still simply turn into a black screen and play sample music over nothing. It freezes and crashes afterwards. After selecting music, it tries to create the story, it starts to play music to a black screen. How can MS admit to even make this complete pile of junk? It is not working how disappointing I have been a patient Faithfull advocate for windows phone, I am really starting agree with the majority, cant belive iam saying this wow try after try windows phone app are just not getting it.

It is either this or the standard to witch a windows phone is held are much higher than those of android or ios Apple was initially reluctant to embrace mice with multiple buttons and scroll wheels. Macs did not natively support pointing devices that featured multiple buttons, even from third parties, until Mac OS X arrived in While it looked like a traditional one-button mouse, it actually had four buttons and a scroll ball, capable of independent x - and y - axis movement. Since , Apple has also offered the Magic Trackpad as a means to control Macintosh desktop computers in a way similar to laptops.

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The original Macintosh was the first successful personal computer to use a graphical user interface devoid of a command line. It uses a desktop metaphor , depicting real-world objects like documents and a trash can as icons on-screen. Now known as the classic Mac OS , the System software was introduced in with the first Macintosh, renamed Mac OS in , and continued to evolve until version 9. Originally, the hardware architecture was so closely tied to the classic Mac OS system that it was impossible to boot an alternative operating system.

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The most common workaround, is to boot into Mac OS and then to hand over control to a Mac OS-based bootloader application. There are many popular Macintosh software applications ; many of those from large developers, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are actively developed for both macOS and Windows. A large amount of open-source software applications, such as the Firefox web browser and the LibreOffice office suite , are cross-platform , and thereby also run natively on macOS.

These programs allow users to run Microsoft Windows or previously Windows-only software on Macs at near native speed. Although not condoned by Apple, it is possible to run the Linux operating system using Boot camp or other virtualization workarounds. In particular, Intel-based Macs lack the A20 gate. Since the introduction of the Macintosh, Apple has struggled to gain a significant share of the personal computer market. At first, the Macintosh K suffered from a dearth of available software compared to IBM's PC , resulting in disappointing sales in and Notwithstanding these technical and commercial successes on the Macintosh platform, their systems remained fairly expensive, making them less competitive in light of the falling costs of components that made IBM PC compatibles cheaper and accelerated their adoption.

In , upon return to Apple as interim CEO, Steve Jobs terminated the Macintosh clone program while simplifying the computer product lines. In , the release of the iMac G3 all-in-one was a great success, selling , units in days, providing a much needed boost to the ailing Macintosh platform.

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Starting in , Apple moved to eliminate CRT displays from its product line as part of aesthetic design and space-saving measures with the iMac G4. However, the new iMac with its flexible LCD flat-panel monitor was considerably more expensive on its debut than the preceding iMac G3, largely due to the higher cost of the LCD technology at the time.

In order to keep the Macintosh affordable for the education market and due to obsolescence of the iMac G3, Apple created the eMac in April as the intended successor; however the eMac's CRT made it relatively bulky and somewhat outdated, while its all-in-one construction meant it could not be expanded to meet consumer demand for larger monitors.

The iMac G4's relatively high prices were approaching that of laptops which were portable and had higher resolution LCD screens. Meanwhile, Windows PC manufacturers could offer desktop configurations with LCD flat panel monitors at prices comparable to the eMac and at much lower cost than the iMac G4. For the next half-decade while Macintosh sales held steady, it would instead be the iPod portable music player and iTunes music download service that would drive Apple's sales growth.

Statistics from late indicate that Apple had 2. In recent years, market share of the personal computer market is measured by browser hits, sales and installed base. If using the browser metric, Mac market share increased substantially in From to , Mac sales increased continuously on an annual basis. Apple reported worldwide sales of 3. Industry pundits have often called attention to the Mac's relatively small market share to predict Apple's impending doom, particularly in the early and mids when the company's future seemed bleakest.

Others argue that market share is the wrong way to judge the Mac's success. Apple has positioned the Mac as a higher-end personal computer, and so it may be misleading to compare it to a budget PC. Apple's small market share, then, gives the impression that fewer people are using Macs than did ten years ago, when exactly the opposite is true. The sales breakdown of the Macintosh have seen sales of desktop Macs stayed mostly constant while being surpassed by that of Mac notebooks whose sales rate has grown considerably; seven out of ten Macs sold were laptops in , a ratio projected to rise to three out of four by In recent years, Apple has seen a significant boost in sales of Macs.

Although the PC market declined, Apple still managed to ship 2. In contrast, Windows PC manufacturers generally have a wide range of offerings, selling only a portion through retail with a full selection on the web, and often with limited-time or region-specific models. The Macintosh ranked third on the "list of intended brands for desktop purchases" for the holiday season, then moved up to second in by displacing Hewlett Packard, and in took the top spot ahead of Dell.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the line of computers. For the fruit, see McIntosh apple. For the waterproof coat, see Mackintosh. For other uses, see McIntosh disambiguation. Family of personal computers designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Inc.

See also: History of Apple Inc.

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