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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

Finding date of last Time Machine backup in terminal without needing access to the backup

First, run the Terminal app by going to applications, choose the Utilities folder, and select Terminal. Then, enter your administrator account password and hit return to proceed. This will move the backups directory to the Desktop, so that you can decide whether to delete it or keep it in Trash. Whichever method you use, administrator account credentials will be required.

Controlling Time Machine From Terminal

With this new version of the operating system, Apple also upgraded the Time Machine backup software. So, if you are running on a High Sierra version, you have more options. Although the steps listed above to remove backups in Mac OS X work on the latest version, you may also wish to remove specific snapshots.

The list of all remaining snapshots will be displayed through Terminal with names such as com. This will remove the specific snapshot. Note: there must be a space between 'deletelocalsnapshots' and the name of the desired backup file. If running low on space has an influence on computer performance or you wish to preserve the maximum available space on the Mac, there is an option to disable snapshots being stored on your internal drive.

Run the Terminal app, which is accessible through Spotlight. When the command window appears, type the following command 'sudo tmutil disablelocal' and hit return.

Select your Mac OS X version:

This command will turn off snapshot storing on the internal hard drive and also delete all remaining local snapshots. This option can be used as alternative to clear up storage areas.

This changes the defaults of com. The digits at the end of the command in the example are the most important. They represents seconds between backups. By default, this is set to seconds, or one hour 1 hour x 60 minutes x 60 seconds. The most basic operation is turning Time Machine on and off from the command line. Use the tmutil command as below.

How to Set Up Time Machine in macOS Mojave - External HDD

If Time Machine is off, this will turn it on. You can do that from the command line with the command below. This command will set the backup drive to the hard drive attached to your computer named WD Backup.

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The drive needs to be connected to your computer to set properly. Here, you can use the thinlocalsnapshots verb to prune the oldest data from backups. You could use this type of technology to do a rudimentary form of imaging or rolling users into a new machine. To restore a backup, you would use the shocking here restore verb.

How to Stop Your Mac Sleeping While Time Machine is Running

If I were to programmatically erase one of my coworkers data. I would trust a cloning tool, but would I want to basically write my own archival solution using tmutil? With my own data, though… sure!

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