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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

Ortohinco said:. So many firmware updates and still you have not fixed the clock. Every time i see you on here your never on topic or you just wanna try to be cool. Now to port it over to mac and everyone will be happy, except for Mr. DG said:. Glad to see the store is back up and much improved as well. Jezer29 said:. But hey, thats life for ya.. That on the library it list the album but in the other window.. The track appear for a brief moment and then disappear.. Im using Window XP. StupidityTries said:. CitizenInsane27 said:. Mac support please. I, amongst many others happen to not use a PC, and we commonly get shafted on these PC-derived programs and whatnot.

Jeigh said:. Thanks for the update though. Hey Sony, ever hear of this cool cross-platform language called Java? Yeah, the one you chose for the Blu-Ray Disc standard.

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Yeah well, maybe you could start caring about more than Windows users and like, use it? StalkingSilence said:. Come on man. Only for the transfer of files. Will you all be planning on giving access to the account management section of our PSN accounts in another way? Hey Eric, nice update to an old program. Seeing as the position that you have within Sony, can you do me two favors?

Sorry but it shows a lack of effort to me 2. Can you have me reinstated on the Socom blog?

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I had words with a poster that was sending me threats to my personal email and I got kicked yes it was very rude language that I used but his was alot worse. Follow-up to my last comment… Remember this page: TheSimkin said:. Having the PSP remember what media you where playing even when the battery dies would be nice too. If all features that had reliability issues on some systems were simply removed, OS would have no features at all by this time. Immediately after purchase, I found a singular review stating all data was recoverable using the previous edition running OS Wondering if I wasted my money?

Both of my newer Macs are equipped with SSDs. Onyx is a very good Mac OS X tool that can access hidden settings. Read it very carefully as with everything in Onyx. All Mac techs should have a copy. Yes, thanks for the option. Would be nice if Apple would also update the help files as opposed to burying the info in a security note. It can add to the obscurity of finding a file if the drive can be decrypted, but the decryption itself kind of does enough.

A few months ago I read a forensic publication about the persistence of deleted files on SSDs. The problem for investigators being that if they power up an SSD, even when connected to special forensic read-only interfaces, just by being powered up, the drive will progressively and inevitably erase the charge of available cells, thus making deleted files irrecoverable.

Granted, this does not help the millions of users with traditional Hard Drives, but you have to bear in mind that Apple is usually looking ahead. Remember the elimination of floppy drives or Super Drives?

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Almost all new Macs are equipped with SSDs, or have those as an option. Secure empty trash? Why not? I want to be sure my groceries lists get erased properly! As an Apple-certified tech, I got innumerable customers complaining for how slowly their trash emptied. Guess what, they had activated Secure Empty Trash.

Actually guys what you are doing is the same what apple did with secure empty trash. We fixed it by removing it. Have a nice day! But they could have made the effort. TRIM the blocks on which the file is located. That would have been a nice start. But why bother?

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HDDs i. It would be fruitless to put a lot of effort into a program that fewer users will use over time. Encryption is the way to move forward as it does exactly what people want from the start, namely keeping all of your data private.

HDDs are only in decline for laptops. Oh well, at least you can still do it via command line. SSD drives use wear-leveling to remap sectors pages on the drive. I doubt it. SSDs have a ridiculous lifespans, the more modern ones have even longer with write leveling and more resilient storage chips.

How to Use “Secure Empty Trash” Equivalent in OS X El Capitan

This is reaching Petabytes of writes. If the secure delete option of the trash can was not secure enough then is the command srm more secure? If not why not remove that as well, what is the difference between the two?

Apparently it has something to do with the way SSD filesystems are mapped. But over time, as you delete files from it, the space is not reclaimed and the DMG will consume more space on disk. Occasionally more often than I would like I run into a problem where I cannot empty the trash due to a file in use error.

The only way to clear this situation was to use the secure empty option. So now, the only way to clear this type of error is to go through the command line method? It happens when the system does not effectively transfer the deleted file to the trash and there are residues. Another method to get around this is to restart the Mac, then the caches will all be initialised, then the empty trash would work. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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