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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

Thanks for all your hard work. I really like your blog. I have 5 great neices and nephews and they all have medical complications along with behavioral problems but nothing I say to the parents gets through to them. I feel so sorry for the little ones, watching what they go through day in and day out. Makes me so mad! Persistence pays off. Their goal is to quietly sweep this under the rug. Keep it up, eventually they will back down!! I am 13 and i think that the corporations are totally screwing over my generation.

I want to thank all the adults who realize something is wrong because not many people do. Thanks for generations to come. John A. Not everyone is so fortunate. Often the choice is the highly processed and cheaper!

I watched on Dr. Oz and thought wow we just might get someplace. If we use none of the parent companies products just maybe we will get someplace. Kraft Customer Service I signed the petition and totally agree. I have to wonder though why not petition the FDA? My mom, being a nurse, looked for answers. She found the Feingold diet which basically takes out everything in your diet, then you add one thing at a time to find the culprit.

Guess what was causing it… the artificial colorings and flavorings in one of my favorite snacks… Borden Cheese Kisses. They used to wrap them up like taffy, and I loved them. Within an hour of eating them I would turn into a completely uncontrollable child. I also reacted to apples.

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Back then they used to color the skin of the apples with artificial red color to make them look more appealing. They said after removing artificial flavors and colors from my diet, I became a new kid. Thank you for what you are doing… you guys are truly awesome!!! And wow, what a difference you are making in this world!!!

Imagine if that happened at school? He would have been in special education classes before I could even protest. It was completely a nutrition-based issue of ingesting food that was toxic.

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Thank you for your diligence in taking on Kraft. We are all constantly subjected to the output of an extremely corrupt and greedy system that sadly, we as citizens, put there and leave there. If the product is dangerous, as many people now believe dyed products are, why do so many people still buy them?

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Kids need to have hot dogs and chicken nuggets! He should be eating ice cream sometimes! Vegetables, Fruit, Grains, Dairy and Meat. I adore you! How awesome to go on Dr. I will be seriously having a talk with my husband about what NOT to feed our boys!

Thank you so much for all your hard work Vani! Keep up the awesomeness! That is all I can say after reading all of this!


I knew my daughter has issues with Red Dye 40 but reading how the other kids are reacting to all of these other dyes amazes me! It completely puts my mind at ease as to what is happening with my daughter! It all makes sense now— those self harming behaviors, those tantrums of complete attack, and the completely irrational behavior that NO doctor has been able to figure out!!!!! Please fight this to the end!!! If they can do this for other countries they can do it for us!!!!

It is already in production there is no reason they can not do it! Thank you for all your effort! Keep the fight on! I know I will join the fight with everyone and not buy any more food with ANY artificial colors!!! It is a fact that the leadership of the FDA contains individuals that were once big players in agribusiness. Take for example Michael R. Taylor, J.

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I agree with an earlier comment regarding boycott. The one string we can pull in the FDA — Agribusiness romance is the purse string. Keep up the good work. If you can stop using the Artificial coloring other companies are sure to follow! Way to go FoodBabe!

Home-Style Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Dinner - My Food and Family

All they care about is making money and it will cost them money to change the packaging and modify the formula. My husband used to love making kraft dinner for our boys, until I stopped buying it. Now I boil pasta, mix in some olive oil and grated cheese. They love it the same, if not more. Data from animal and human studies have not convincingly demonstrated that Tartrazine is able to induce an immune mediated hypersensitivity response, and the adverse reactions reported in humans following exposure to Tartrazine appear to be intolerance reactions.

The reports of these adverse effects are often characterised by poorly controlled challenge procedures; sometimes Tartrazine is given with a mixture of other colours. However, given the available information, the Panel concludes that Tartrazine may induce intolerance reactions in a small fraction of the population. The Panel also notes that sensitive individuals may react at dose levels within the ADI.

You make me laugh!!! Try eliminating artificial crap from her diet then. Perhaps you should do the right thing as a parent, and give your daughter a chance to improve. How can this be done if you do not accept the fact that it could be the artificial stuff in her food? Yes, dumbass. She is autistic and has been since long before she started solids. Going by your logic, autism is caused by breast milk. I guess you missed the part where I said I DID test for it and found no conclusive change in her behavior.

And yes, I am fully aware of how to run an elimination diet. There simply was no change in her behavior that could be attributed to the food.