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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

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Signing out and in of iTunes did not work in my case. I actually had to delete the iTunes app from my MacBook. I then downloaded and installed a new version of iTunes and that seemed to have fixed the problem. I finally called Apple Tech support. They had me delete the iTunes app from my MacBook which was a bit more complicated than it should have been as something was locking up the iTunes app and I couldn't simply drag it to trash. I then downloaded and installed iTunes and everything was back to normal. I can now play songs whether in my library or through the Apple Music collection given my subscription to the new Apple Music service.

Good luck! Jul 25, Aug 7, 3: It looks like I'm in the same boat as you as far as iTunes. Logging off and restarting app doesn't seem to do the trick. I tried dragging itunes to trash, but system will not let me, saying it's needed for OS X. Aug 9, 7: I'm having the same problem.

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They suggested clearing my RAM which I did, after uninstalling and then trying it on a test account. Worked fine on the test account and after I cleared my RAM it played three songs then nothing. I've tried everything. I'm so irritated. Sep 25, 3: Communities Contact Support.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Community Specialist. It's my understanding that you're only able to play one radio station in iTunes. When a new song or station is chosen, iTunes doesn't respond as expected and becomes unresponsive. Force quitting iTunes was a great step, but since the issue persists I have a couple of other steps that can help.

First, test this issue in safe mode. Starting in safe mode allows your Mac to run certain checks, remove caches, and prevent login items from automatically launching. This can isolate possible third party issues. We have not been able to access it for over a week now. I finally got to sit down and work on some outdated information they had, had everything verified and it still doesn't work.

Error message: Play button is grayed out.

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Mar 1, I found one work-around is to go directly to the radio station, through your browser. Station actually sounded better this way too. If you can look up the station's website, I've found it has worked fine this way so far. I've had this radio error message issue since Saturday. It's still not working.

But some categories are working such as Country and Comedy??? However, I've just had a new iMac computer installed at work yesterday and all of the radio stations work in all categories? So what could be the probleM???

Listen to Internet radio in iTunes on Mac

Mar 2, 1: It can be a DNS issue. You should differ between your iMac at Home and your iMac at work. They can use diffrent DNS resolution pathes. I have found that my favorite radio stream "Classic FM" was not available in a time, but few minutes later I could listen to this stream. So I think, that there is a DNS resolution issue.

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