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Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy.

Safari 9. Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are not as sensitive to the operating system. Safari 8. Safari 7 ships with Mac OS X Safari 6. Safari 5. In Version 5.

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Note, version 5. Version 4.

Vintage Mac Gaming in 2018

Safari 3. Version 3.

User Agent Strings of OS X

Prior versions 3. With the The March security update fixes Java issues on Safari, and if you applied the See my Upgrade FAQ for more on how to apply updates without running into issues such as these.

Google's new browser is now available for Mac

Version 1. Older versions of Safari are only available in non-English varieties from Apple: Version 1. Version 2. Safari is also available for Netscape 7. Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer available for download from Microsoft.

PowerPC Chrome release

The Mac OS X version 5. If installing older operating system disks, be sure to observe the System Specific installation notes. Otherwise, you'll need to either use the Install Additional Applications from the restore disks, or Charlessoft's Pacifist to extract the files from the installer packages to reretrieve Internet Explorer if it wasn't backed up elsewhere. Macintosh Repository has the only known copies of version 5.

How Does It Work?

Microsoft product feedback page. Omnigroup's Omniweb for Mozilla can immitate other browsers with User-agent switcher. Mozilla Bugzilla feedback page. Google Chrome Discussions. Camino Bugzilla feedback page. Firefox formerly known as Firebird can immitate other browsers with User-agent switcher. Its version Firefox Bugzilla feedback page. Waterfox - Mac OS X Between major ESR versions, developers tracked changes in Firefox's 6-week rapid release cycle with test builds only to determine whether or not they would still be able to build the software after the next ESR version was released.

Only minor ESR updates were advertised as suitable for general consumption.

In December , Kaiser declared TenFourFox would move away directly from Firefox source code with 45 ESR, citing an inability to port later versions due to operating system and Rust compiler limitations. Similar to other optimized build projects such as Pale Moon and Swiftfox , TenFourFox includes specific compiler optimizations to improve its overall performance and issues specific builds tuned for specific processor families.

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This has led to favorable reviews on its speed and performance on older Macintosh computers. Due to its compatibility with the older operating system, the browser lacks the entire feature set of modern Firefox versions. In particular, it does not fully support Core Text , so it does not understand Apple Advanced Typography features in certain international fonts; it does not support graphics acceleration for compositing; and it does not support WebGL because PowerPC Tiger does not support OpenGL 2 [37]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Further information: Features of Firefox. Free and open-source software portal. TenFourFox Development. Retrieved Possible blocker for Firefox 4.